“Sreenu” Street dog needs funds for Post Operative Care

  • Raising: Rs. 15,000 (Rs. 8,500 Raised so far)
  • For: Medical Care and Recovery. Operation is already done. Care Taker is available.
  • Created by: Lois M (+91 99083 96024)
  • How to Pay?Pay directly to Rescuer via UPI

How to Pay?

Option 1: Phone Pe to +91 99083 96024
Option 2: Scan Using any UPI app:
upi qr code

How much should I contribute?

1. Any amount helps!
2. As an estimate, it would cost roughly Rs. 500 per day for the first few days for taking care of Sreenu. You can also donate pet supplies.
3. The rescuer (Lois) will keep posted about spending via Whatsapp.


This is Sreenu,

On March 15th at 2 am, she was sitting in her usual place in the street when a jeep came moving fast up the road and hit her. A security guard saw it happen.

The next day, when we found her breathing was shallow, she was in some shock.

She underwent 6 x rays at multiple clinics to determine how badly she was hurt. It was severe, and she went into surgery to reconstruct the bone the next day.

It's now a few days later, and she is already moving more than the vets expected. She can limp and, if given a chance, would walk lots.

At the moment, her deep surgical wound is being kept sterile with bandages that are being changed carefully at home, every other day.

She is staying at home with Lois now, and even after recovery, she will be happier as a home dog.

A group of caring people met the operation cost that happened at the Hyderabad government animal hospital. While she recovers and heals this deep surgical wound, she requires more materials to help.

From washable, reusable puppy training pads to cleaning products, from tablets to bandages and the assistance required to help change them at home, and much more in between, this is a somewhat costly process.

Sreenu is vigorously doing her part of healing right now, and she would be delighted if you can help keep her well looked after. We are asking for the costs required to keep taking care of her for the next three months. After which, she will probably continue to stay with her adoptive pet parent, Lois.

Please contribute, and if you'd like to meet her too, please be in touch. We can at least arrange a virtual meeting. Stay safe.